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Permanent Employment Contract - Full Time

Permanent Employment Contract - Full Time A permanent contract of employment for full-time employees is an agreement between the Employer and Employee.

This document sets out the main terms and conditions of employment on which the Employer will employ the Employee and also acts as the Principal Statement under the Employment Rights Act 1996. This contract of employment is suitable for employee's working for an indefinite period on a full-time basis.

Written by an experienced solicitor and up to date with UK law so you can be assured your contract is lawful. Save money on solicitor fees at a time where businesses are tightening their belts, our research revealed solicitors charge an average of £300 per hour in the UK!


This employment contract is suitable for:

Permanent Staff New & Existing Businesses
Full Time Staff Indefinate Working Period

This employee contract contains the following clauses:

1. Date of Commencement
2. Job Title and Place of Work
3. Salary
4. Hours of Work
5. Overtime
6. Probationary Period
7. Notice Period
8. Payment in Lieu of Notice
9. Holiday Entitlement and Holiday Pay
10. Sick Leave and Sick Pay
11. Training Courses
12. Other Benefits
13. Deductions
14. Grievance Procedure
15. Disciplinary Procedure
16. Confidentiality
17. Intellectual Property
18. Property Belonging to the Employer
19. Conflict of Interest
20. Data Protection Act 1988
21. Collective Agreements
22. Changes to Terms and Conditions of Employment
23. Ethical Business Conduct
24. Governing Law
25. Signatures

Our Recommendation

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Permanent Employment Contract - Full Time in word format


This Permanent Employment Contract - Full Time document is available for instant download in a Microsoft WordTM format that is editable.


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